About us


Our company, DIMEX, was founded in 1991 and today is one of the most renowned wallpaper dealers and producers in the Czech Republic. We sell well-known wallpapers such as A.S. Creation.

In order to meet growing customer demands and to offer our customers a much wider range of wallpapers, we have expanded our original wallpaper assortment with our own production line Dimex Line.

Today, our focus in the field of digital printing is mainly on materials such as non-woven, self-adhesive films (SK) and glass.

We have focused especially on our own production line Dimex Line. In this production series, we place particular emphasis on quality, customised production according to customer requirements and the aspects of health and environmental friendliness of the products as well as the production process.

We guarantee high product quality and customer satisfaction. We achieve this by using state-of-the-art printing processes and with the help of our qualified staff.

Do you have your own idea or a popular picture at home that you would like to have as a photo wallpaper? Would you like to recolour a colourful photo in black and white or vice versa? Each photo wallpaper can be made according to your own measurements and ideas, so that it matches your vision. This gives you the opportunity to decorate your own home in a creative and individual way. In addition, we supply you with unique and individual wallpapers in professional quality. Do you have your own ready-made motifs to print? We will be happy to print them for you. There are many inexpensive images available online, e.g. at the online image database or

As mentioned above, the wallpapers we deliver to you are environmentally friendly and completely free of harmful substances.